How Is High Performance Coaching Different (From Life Coaching, Business Coaching, or Executive Coaching)?

success high performane coaching different

Life Coaching, Business Coaching, and Executive Coaching typically focus on a subset of the client’s goals, and the coach then works with the client to reach those goals. A session with an accountability coach of this type involves the coach focusing on the client’s personality traits, strengths, talents, and preferences, and relies on the client to offer up answers to questions such as, “What would you like to focus on today? What are you working on? What challenges are you facing? What’s holding you back?” and so on.

Unfortunately, this becomes both repetitive and boring for high-achieving clients. Let alone the fact that it neither takes a holistic view of the client, nor advances the client beyond the single goal they have identified for themselves.

The goal of a Certified High Performance CoachTM (CHPC), on the other hand, is to help the client reach higher performance – ‘succeeding beyond their standard norms’ – in ALL areas of their life, without compromise. This shifts the paradigm of success from an individual’s traits and talents to the effective practices and habits (what we call the ‘high performance habits’) that have been shown – through pioneering research on the world’s largest study of high performers by Brendon Burchard and the High Performance Institute – to make them successful in all areas of their lives. In other words, success is achieved not by a specific type of person but rather by someone who achieves and practices a specific set of skills and habits. This makes high performance learnable, improvable, and deployable across all contexts of life.

how is high performane coaching different

Also, unlike an accountability coach, a high performance coach follows a structured and proven evidence-based framework; in each unique session we follow a specific set of questions and teach the specific habits and practices that help to further the client’s journey towards a successful, healthy, fully charged, and high performance life.

In short, high performance coaching offers a true roadmap for success. It ensures that each session consistently adds value and advances the client – no matter their goal(s). And it’s why CHPC is the most effective and highest-rated coaching curriculum in the world.

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Dr Marcelle Crinean, PhD is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach & Certified High Performance Coach™. Marcelle focuses on helping driven, ambitious high-achievers perform at their highest level and accelerate extraordinary success in all areas of their work and life – without compromising their health, relationships or happiness. She offers high performance coaching and stress-management & wellbeing training to individuals and companies all over the world. In her capacity as founder and owner of Brain Reframe, she also mentors small businesses and offers courses and workshops in overcoming imposter syndrome and avoiding burnout.




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