Be Honest...

  • Are you or your team as productive, focused, influential, and successful as you'd like?
  • Have you or your team reached a plateau in your progress or feel stuck in a career that no longer challenges or excites you?
  • Do you or your team feel excitement and celebrate when a deal or project is closing or feel relief that it's over?
  • Do you or your team lack purpose, direction and drive?
  • Do you or your team have full clarity and commitment to the long term vision and success of the team?
  • Do you or your team struggle to achieve any kind of balance between work and home life?
  • Do you or your team have unhealthy 'coping strategies' to get through the day?

The likelihood is that you, your teams and your business need High Performance Coaching!

We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives.


To Win In The Marketplace, You Must First Win In The Workplace

As competition increases in your industry, you and your team need to be ​performing at your peak to stay ahead of the game.

But constantly exceeding targets in a fast-paced, high ​pressured and competitive environment can be difficult to ​maintain physically & mentally, often resulting in ​demotivated, unhappy, and stressed employees who ​become less productive, disengaged, or burn out entirely. ​And when a top performer quits altogether, it’s a huge cost ​to you, your team and the company.

I work with your top performing individuals and empower ​them to become high performers who consistently create ​extraordinary results at work and in life, driving your ​business towards its goals without compromising their ​performance or health. This ensures your top talent stays ​engaged, energised, motivated & fulfilled, and is the key to ​both your long term success and theirs.

Engage your top performers with High Performance Coaching

Numbers That Matter

of the value of your teams comes from the top performing 10%.
How much more productive a top performer is than an average performer.
of top performers are burnt out and quietly quitting.
The ROI of executive coaching reported by a Fortune 500 company, when factoring in productivity, satisfaction & retention.
When a top performer quits, expect to pay 213% of their salary to replace them.

Keep Your Competitive Advantage

You already know the high potential of your top performers to drive results. It’s why you hired them. It’s also why your competition wants to hire them! And in the midst of the ‘Great Resignation’, your top talent is highly sought after.

If you want to hang onto your top performers they need to feel fully energised and engaged. But how?

The secret is to invest in their success – and yours – with High Performance Coaching. By unlocking the full potential of your top performers and turning them into happy and healthy high performers, they will achieve extraordinary results in all areas of their life, without compromise. This keeps them engaged, motivated & fulfilled, and prevents burnout; this is the key to long term success, for them and for you.

If you don’t want to give the potential advantage to your competitors, High Performance Coaching is essential.

Coaching For High Performance

High Performance is defined as “succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long term, while still maintaining life satisfaction, positive well-being and relationships.” (Burchard, B. (2017). High Performance Habits).

Unlike Life Coaching or Executive Coaching, High Performance Coaching shifts the paradigm of success from a person’s traits, talents and experience to the effective high performing practices and habits that create long term success at work and in life.

A Structured Framework For Success

High Performance Coaching equips your top performers & teams with the effective mindset and high performance habits & practices that drive consistent long-term results without compromising health, quality of life or burning out. This means happier, more energised & engaged teams driving next-level results for you. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Assessment Tracker

You must be able to measure and track success.

A pre & post High Performance Indicator Assessment provides a starting baseline and measurable results.

High Performance Coaching

Personal 1:1 coaching or interactive group coaching for top performing teams.

Learn the powerful & effective science-backed strategies for mastering the high performance habits that drive extraordinary results at work and in life, without compromise.

Stress Management

Stress, imposter syndrome & limiting beliefs can impact your top performers’ confidence, productivity & performance – and ultimately their results, ‘staying power’ and wellbeing.

Reframing mindset and managing stress is crucial to both business and personal success.

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