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Do You Want More Success At Work AND In Life - Without Compromise?


If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re most likely a highly ambitious business professional, business owner or entrepreneur and a hyper-achiever. You set the highest standards for yourself – your inner critic pushing you harder and harder in order to achieve them, and demanding perfection at all costs.

You’ve almost certainly achieved significant success in more than one area of your life already – although you have a hard time admitting this to yourself, because your inner critic tells you it’s never quite ‘enough’, is it? 

Quite simply, you want more.

  • More success
  • More happiness
  • More peace
  • More passion
  • More productivity
  • More focus
  • More confidence
  • More energy
  • More money
  • More purpose
  • More meaning

And that’s normal. We all want more of something. But you’ve got to the point where – as hard as you try – you can’t seem to have it all; at least not all at the same time, and certainly not without compromising your physical health, mental health, your relationships and/or your happiness.

You may even be wondering if it’s worth the effort. It’s exhausting. Maybe you should settle for what you have and be grateful?

As a Clinical Psychotherapist and High Performance Coach, I can tell you that, whilst I encourage practising gratitude on a daily basis, you are allowed to be grateful AND want more

But how do you get it?

Dr Marcelle Crinean, High Performance Coach, Performance coach, Corporate Coach, Coaching for High Achievers, Top Performing teams Coach, Mindset Coaching, Confidence Workshop, Leadership Coach

I understand you because I am you

Hi! I’m Dr Marcelle Crinean, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach & Certified High Performance CoachTM. I’m passionate about working with people like you for good reason. I AM you.

For almost 20 years, after gaining my doctorate, I worked in a number of senior & executive positions for leading software companies before realising that, although I truly loved both my job and the lifestyle it afforded me, I was chronically stressed, constantly tired and close to burning out. And it was beginning to affect my health, my relationships, and my sanity. 

And it wasn’t just me. I noticed the similar inability of my peers to prioritise themselves over work, becoming chronically stressed, anxious, or depressed, and wrecking their health, relationships, and ultimately, their happiness.

So in 2016, I left my corporate career with the goal of learning everything I could about how to unlock your fullest potential, perform at your best and succeed at work and in life, without comprise. I retrained as a clinical therapist and am one of only 300 Certified Elite High Performance Coaches around the world.  

Using a structured framework based on extensive research by the High Performance Institute into the world’s highest performers, I now help high-achieving business professionals, like you, to figure out how to get on – and stay on – your A-game in ALL areas of your life – without compromise.

The power of coaching

If you’ve been struggling with ‘balance’ or wanting ‘more’ for a while, and you’re not at the level of success you’d like, you and I both know it’s not because you’re not capable. You’re extremely capable.

You can read personal development books, go to workshops, watch TEDx talks, listen to podcasts, etc etc., but you’ve already been doing some – or all – of these things, and you’re still not where you want to be. 

The ONLY reason you haven’t got where you want to be, as fast as you want to get there, is that you haven’t had a coach. Or at least, you haven’t had the RIGHT coach with the right set of skills to guide you, help you find clarity and your personal inner ‘superpowers’, so that you can consistently perform at your best at work, in life and in your relationships.

You need the RIGHT coach who’s been there and done that (and got the credentials as well as the t-shirt!), and who has guided hundreds of successful high-achieving people – just like you – to becoming extraordinarily successful high-performers. 

The truth is, many people have never had the gift of the power of coaching.

And today I’d like to offer you the chance to have a FREE strategy session with me.